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Here are some reasons why you should choose Goodwins Credit Management as your debt recovery representatives:

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Goodwins are UK National Debt Recovery Specialists, providing a service, recognized by the industry and clients alike as the premier standard amongst it's competitors. Delivering for the client, making a stand against the unscrupulous and helping to protect the vulnerable. To operate a service that is simple to understand, clear in its objectives and reliable in it's outcomes. 


At Goodwins we pride ourselves on our ability to build a trusting two-way relationship with our clients, we listen to our clients, manage and clarify their expectations from the start so that there is a clear understanding of required outcomes.  From the start we are then able to create bespoke packages that will meet the needs of our clients. 

Whether a one off collection or annual support there is no debt too small or too big for our team of experts to recover.

We understand that sometimes the debt is not just about the money and that it is more about the principle, ‘why should someone get your service without paying?’

Let Goodwins take on the chase where you don’t have the time to or perhaps you’re worried about the legal action.  Our negotiators are powerful persuaders and aim to leave the debtors with no other option but to pay.

Where possible Goodwins would attempt to rebuild trading bridges between our clients and their debtors with a view to future business continuing which provides an all round success to debt resolution.  Our experience in these issues tells us that when bridges can be rebuilt debt resolution is also swift and long lasting.

Many creditors find the stress of debt recovery too much to deal with alongside normal business and often write the debt off as the easy option, which is why Goodwins can be a valuable partner to your business.

By having a dedicated team running along side your business Goodwins aim to minimise the risks to your business by credit checking your potential clients and keeping an eye on your slow payers. 

Our Expertise


Goodwins are a specialist company in the competitive field of Debt Collectors, but a new company with a team full of previous experience from working at other companies within the sector. Rachel, the company owner, set up the company after having worked for 13 years at some of the most prestigious companies in the field, wanted to make a difference by doing all of the good things of her experiences well, but also by putting right the things that she wasn’t happy with but had no personal control over.

Goodwins intends to build it’s reputation on results by carrying out it’s work in a responsible and fair manner, by being fully transparent and honest about our work and by managing the expectations of our clients in a clear way and trusted way.

Goodwins is a company that feels passionately about recovering our clients money and also about bringing to task those individuals that build their reputation by engineering financial situations to benefit themselves at the cost of honest hard working people.

Goodwins operates on a single 12 month contract (no rolling contracts) so you are in charge, we provide an all round support package against your non-payers, liquidated debtors and slow payers.

Goodwins aim to become the nations leading Debt Recovery Specialists

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0191 447 9449   (Collections)

0191 597 6038   (General Enquiries)

0199 284 2189   (London Office)


We do a full examination into each debt passed to us first to ensure you don't pay us unless we can assist you.


We get in touch within a couple of hours and explain whether or not your debt is collectable

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Suite 106-8 Navigation House, Port Of Tyne, South Shields NE34 0AB ​



0191 447 9449   (Collections)

0191 597 6038   (General Enquiries)

0199 284 2189   (London Office)




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